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TJG-3030DV / TJG-3030DV-CNC

  • Every guide-way is lapped to a high straightness and parallelism using the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry. With passion for quality we optimize our value-added process, bring new technology forward and develop existing products continuously for every customer.

  •   TJG-3030DV TJG-3030DV-CNC
    MEASURING RANGE 300x300x200 mm ( X,Y,Z) 300x300x200 mm ( X,Y,Z)
    RESOLUTION 0.001 mm in 2 Axes 0.001 mm in 3 Axes
    SOFTWARE MSU25D IK5000-VED-CNC-Auto Focus
    VISION 1/3" Color CCD+Zoom 1/3" Color CCD+Zoom
    ZOOM 10x...100x (Option 20x~200x) 10x...100x (Option 20x~200x)
    SURFACE LIGHT White LED (Option of Coaxial LED) White LED (Option of Coaxial LED)
    ACCURACY U1=3+L/200 um ; U2=5+L/150 um U1=3+L/200 um ; U2=5+L/150 um
    REPEATABILITY 0.002 um 0.002 um
    TRANSMISSION Linear Guideway+Rolling Drive Nut Linear Guideway+Rolling Drive Nut
    OPERATION Manual/Stage Moveable CNC Programmable
    DRIVE   Servo Motors+Joystick
    DEMO-PARTS HEIGHT 200 mm 200 mm
    DEMO-PARTS WEIGHT 12 kgs 12 kgs
    DIMENSION 770x1000x930 mm 770x1000x930 mm
    DIMENSION 1400x1000x930 mm(Including Deluxe Table) 1400x1000x930 mm(Including Deluxe Table)
    MACHINE WEIGHT 350 kgs 360 kgs
    HARDWARE PC + 24" Monitor + WIN-PRO PC + 24" Monitor + WIN-PRO
    OPTION DMP3000 , M3