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TJG-6060DV / TJG-6060DV-CNC

  • Designed high-density granite, Chien Wei has developed a measuring machine with stability and precision. Every guide-way is lapped to a high straightness and parallelism using the most advanced manufacturing techniques in the industry. With passion for quality we optimize our value-added process, bring new technology forward and develop existing products continuously for every customer.

  •   TJG-6060DV TJG-6060DV-CNC
    MEASURING RANGE 600x600x200 mm ( X,Y,Z) 600x600x200 mm ( X,Y,Z)
    RESOLUTION 0.001 mm in 2 Axes 0.001 mm in 3 Axes
    SOFTWARE IK5000-VED IK5000-VED-CNC-Auto Focus
    VISION 1/3" Color CCD+Zoom 1/3" Color CCD+Zoom
    ZOOM 10x...100x (Option 20x~200x) 10x...100x (Option 20x~200x)
    SURFACE LIGHT White LED (Option of Coaxial LED) White LED (Option of Coaxial LED)
    ACCURACY U1=4+L/200 um ; U2=6+L/150 um U1=4+L/200 um ; U2=6+L/150 um
    REPEATABILITY 0.003 um 0.003 um
    TRANSMISSION Linear Guideway+Rolling Drive Nut Linear Guideway+Rolling Drive Nut
    OPERATION   CNC Program
    DRIVE   Servo Motor+Joystick
    GRANITE TABLE DIN. 876, 0 GRADE (Glass 635x635 mm) DIN. 876, 0 GRADE (Glass 635x635 mm)
    DEMO-PARTS HEIGHT 200 mm 200 mm
    DEMO-PARTS WEIGHT 30 kgs 30 kgs
    DIMENSION 130x170x170 cm (Including Base Stand) 130x170x170 cm (Including Base Stand)
    DIMENSION 200x170x170 cm (Including Deluxe Table) 200x170x170 cm (Including Deluxe Table)
    MACHINE WEIGHT 1350 kgs 1380 kgs
    HARDWARE PC+24" Monitor x 2+WIN-PRO PC+24" Monitor +WIN-PRO
    OPTION Z Axis with Scale Light-Control or Auto-Zoom
    OPTION DMP3000 , M3