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  •   CVG-4T
    Controller 0i-MD unit
    Range of internal grinding diameter Ø25~Ø450 mm
    Range of external grinding diameter Ø450 mm
    Internal grinding length ID <Ø150:225 mm
    ID >Ø150:325 mm
    External grinding length 385 mm
    Swing of work spindle Ø450 mm
    Workpiece height(including fixtures) 400 mm
    Max. load on work table 250 kg
    X axis travel  
    Travel(from spindle center to right) 300 mm
    Travel(from spindle center to left) 690(ATC 位置) mm
    Travel speed 0~24000 mm/min
    Min. setting unit 0.0001 mm
    Z zxis travel  
    Travel 400 mm
    Travel speed 0~24000 mm/min
    Min. setting unit 0.0001 mm
    Wheel spindle  
    Tool holder BT40
    Wheel spindle speed 0~10000 rpm
    Wheel diameter Ø20~Ø150 mm
    Dimension of work table Ø450 mm
    Spindle speed 20~400 rpm
    Automatic tool changer(ATC)  
    Tool holder BT40
    Wheel storage capacity 8 Tools
    Max. wheel (diameterX length) Ø150X250 (Ø×mm)
    Max. wheel weight 8 kg
    Tool selection Fixed
    Wheel drive motor 5.5/7.5 kw
    Spindle drive motor 2.7 kw
    X axis motor 3 kw
    Z axis motor 4 kw
    Machine weight, space and packing  
    Floor space W=/L=
  • Spindle cooling system Pilot lamp
    X/Z axis linear scale Coolant system motor
    Bolts and leveling blocks Heat exchanger
    Auto lubricating system MPG turning wheel
    Users manual Pressure feed cylinder
    Air spray Tool kit
    Full splash guard Tool box
    LED work lamp(2sets) Magnetic filter
    Air blow Power unit (Hydrostatic rotary table)
    RS232/RJ45 port