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  •   CVG-8CT
    Controller 32iB
    Range of internal grinding diameter Ø50~Ø800 mm
    Range of external grinding diameter Ø800 mm
    Internal grinding length ID < Ø250:325 mm
    ID > Ø250:500 mm
    External grinding length 500 mm
    Swing of work spindle Ø850 mm
    Workpiece height(including fixtures) 600 mm
    Max. load on work table 1500 kg
    X axis travel  
    Travel(from spindle center to right) 1320 mm(ATC)
    Travel(from spindle center to left) 400 mm
    Travel speed 0~24000 mm/min
    Min. setting unit 0.0001 mm
    Z zxis travel  
    Travel 650 mm
    Travel speed 0~24000 mm/min
    Min. setting unit 0.0001 mm
    Wheel spindle  
    Tool holder BT50
    Wheel spindle speed 0~10000 rpm
    Wheel diameter Ø45~Ø250 mm / Ø270 mm(MAX)
    Dimension of work table Ø800 mm
    Spindle speed 10~200 rpm
    Automatic tool changer(ATC)  
    Tool holder BT50
    Wheel storage capacity 6 Tools
    Max. wheel (diameterX length) Ø270X350 (Ø×mm)
    Max. wheel weight  
    Tool selection Fixed
    Wheel drive motor 7.5 kw
    Spindle drive motor 3.7/5.5 kw
    X axis motor 6 kw
    Z axis motor 6 kw
    Machine weight, space and packing  
    Floor space 3400x4291 mm
    Machine height 3631 mm
    Power capacity
    Net weight 13500 mm
    Gross weight
    Packing size (seaworthy wooden case)
  • Spindle cooling system Pilot lamp
    X/Z axis linear scale Coolant system motor
    Bolts and leveling blocks Heat exchanger
    Auto lubricating system MPG turning wheel
    Users manual Pressure feed cylinder
    Air spray Tool kit(8T/6T)
    Full splash guard Tool box
    work lamp(2sets) Magnetic filter
    Air blow Power unit (Hydrostatic rotary table)
    RS232/RJ45 port Permanent electromagnetic disc